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Top Ways To Earn Crypto Online

Earning crypto is one of the most lucrative and fun strategies available in the cryptocurrency universe. It comes in a variety of forms for a broad range of people. You can earn coins and tokens by mining, trading, or even from lending your coins to other people. In this post I am going to outline some of the ways you can earn crypto like Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and more.

Earncrypto Crypto

At the first glance, there are two major ways to make money with cryptocurrencies: mining and trading. Mining is based on generating new blocks in the blockchain and getting fees for it. Trading involves buying low and selling at a higher price. There is an infinite number of other strategies, but the most profitable ones remain these two. The easiest way to earn crypto online is to accept it as a payment for whatever product or service you offer.

Let's be clear about what we mean by 'earn': accumulating cryptocurrency by performing useful services for others; not stealing, begging, or fraud. Some of the notable ways to earn crypto online are discussed below:

1. Mining
Mining is the process whereby crypto coins are generated or discovered. Mining is also the term used to refer to the hardware and software used to generate them. The original purpose of mining was to allow Bitcoin nodes to reach a secure, tamperproof consensus.

2. Completing Surveys
A novel way to earn Bitcoin by answering website surveys, completing offers and visiting websites you already enjoy. Open the app, answer a few questions, then get paid in Bitcoin directly to your digital wallet.
Some of these websites are listed below

  • Feature Points
  • Rewarding Ways
  • Super pay
  • Get paid
  • EarnCrypto.com

  • 3. Buy Crypto – Earn Crypto:
    This might be a bit confusing to some people, that how one may earn crypto while buying it. Here's a simple answer: some websites like Coinbase and Gemini reward their users for certain activities. For example, signing up for Coinbase may get you free bitcoins. So, if you have a little bit of cryptocurrency, that's just extra!

    4. Get Crypto through Shopping:
    Shopping portals, like shopnext.io and socialgood.inc allow shoppers to earn free crypto coins, provided they use the portal when shopping online. Some of the big benefits which you can enjoy by paying with cryptocurrencies in the shops, include low transaction fees, and a fast way to pay without having to enter your credit card details.

    5. Freelancing
    When you have the skills to offer—such as writing, photography, and editing—freelancing is a great way for you to earn crypto. There are several websites like Bitgigs.com, and Cryptogrind.com that pay in digital crypto currency.

    6. Earn crypto through blogging
    Writing cryptocurrency articles online has become lucrative in the last few years. Some websites, such as “Steemit and Hive.blog”, reward writers with cryptocurrencies for getting upvotes on their articles. If you use these websites to write your articles and get upvotes, you can start earning cryptocurrencies yourself. Binance Free $100 (Exclusive) : Use this link to register and receive $100 free and 10% off fees on Binance Futures first month.

    CoinBase : Use this link to register and receive $10 free on CoinBase (terms).

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