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Bitcoin and Ethereum Weekly Price - A quick dive

Do you wonder what is the best time to buy cryptocurrency or when will the price increase? Today we will analyze the last week prices of Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Weekly price Price analysis Bitcoin price Ethereum price

In the midst of uncertainty, one thing is clear: Cryptocurrencies are in a bear market. Ethereum and bitcoin last week price analysis shows just how far they have fallen. Let’s plunge into the weekly analysis of bitcoin and Ethereum.


With the price of $47722.65 on January 1, 2022, bitcoin price has faced an unceasing decline in the price chart of the last week. The 7-day low and high was $40,672.28 and $47,510.73.

The RSI-7 swung between 18.19 and 43.17.

On January 2, Sunday, its price closed at $47286.18 and a Relative Strength Index (RSI-7) of 43.17. A decrease of 0.91 in the rate was observed.

The price further decreased to $46446.16 on the next day, January 3. The decrease rate was -1.78 percent. The RSI was 37.84.

On Tuesday, 4th January, the price decreased by 614.09 USD. The closing price was $45832.01 and RSI-7 was 34.23.

A much sharper decline in the graph was seen on 5th January. The coin went below its $45000 level. The price was $43451.14 with a decrease rate of 5.19%. 23.92 was the RSI-7 value.

The price slightly dropped to $43082.31 having an RSI index of 22.69, on Thursday 6th.

The 7-day all-time-low was USD 41566.48 on Friday, 7th. The RSI-7 was 18.19.

On Saturday, bitcoin rose a few percentage points of +0.27, at the closing price of $41679.74.

The price further rose to $42550.46 compared to previous day, on Sunday 9th January.

The graph line shows a good sign of increase in price in the upcoming weeks.

Expectantly, the price might reach above the $45000 level yet again.


Ethereum - Last Week Price:

After a preliminary surge in price, Ethereum has seen noteworthy dips this week. The RSI-7 fluctuated between 47.01 and 14.96. It is clearly seen that the price decreased drastically in the 7-day pattern.

On Sunday, 2nd January, the price rose by 1.67 percent with the closing price of $3828.27

On Monday, the price again reached at $3765.89 – the same price of 1st January. The decline rate was -1.63% with an RSI-7 of 42.00.

On Tuesday, Ethereum rose a few percentage points of 0.51 percent at the closing price of $3785.11.

The price radically dropped to -6.46 percent with the closing rate of $3540.63, on Wednesday 5th January. The RSI-7 index was noted at 28.53.

On Thursday, 6th January, the price additionally dropped with the rate of -3.78. the closing price and RSI-7 was $3406.81 and 23.27 correspondingly.

Friday, 7th Jan, also showed the declining trend in price of Ethereum. The closing price was at USD 3199.24. Decline percent was -6.09 with RSI-7 of 17.45.

The 7-day all-time-low was USD 3080.95 on Saturday, 8th. The RSI-7 was 14.96.

At the end of the week on Sunday, January 9, 2022, the trading price for one ether was $3197.30 with an RSI-7 value of 26.82.

MACD: The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) flowed between -65.86 and -4.65. A bearish trend was seen on 4th January, Tuesday, and the price moved towards the declining rate in price of Ethereum.

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