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Metahorse - Digital Equates Reality

The world’s first & most advanced NFT horse GameFi platform, powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and developed on Unity, the extremely powerful cross-platform game engine. Empowering you to own, and trade digital horses, and facilitating you to participate in horseracing competitions.


MetaHorse is bringing virtual & reality more closer together with the world's first digital horse NFT game on the BSC chain network. This project is empowering you to own and trade digital racehorses', backed by their physical counterparts and facilitating you to participate in horseracing competitions. 

Just like traditional race horses, each horse has specific attributes,

  • Speed
  • Stamina
  • Agility
  • Endurance

The MetaHorse Roadmap

Currently MetaHorse is in the Development Phase 2.0, 2022 Q1 and will soon be entering Development Phase 3.0 in Q2 ; Next quarter MetaHorse will be focusing on Production and Testing; NFT (Pre-sales), Token Listings and much more. You can view their road map which outlines everything up until 2023.

Game Modes

MetaHorse offers five different game modes; Jogging Mode, Racing Mode, Rank Mode, Tournament Mode and the Metaverse Tournament. Players are able to join these modes to earn $METAH.

  • Jogging Mode , Players can enter into jogging mode to earn $METAH Tokens, The jogging mode will distribute 100,000 $METAH per day and in a year; the total distribution of $METAH via the jogging mode will be 36,500,000.
  • Racing Mode , Players can also participate in Racing Mode to earn $METAH tokens. In order to enter into racing mode, the player must have at least a 3-star rating. The Racing Mode will distribute 208,219.178 $METAH per day and a total of 76,000,000 per annum.
  • Rank Mode , Players can enjoy stake to earn $METAH tokens and Experience Points (EP) and at the same time get closer to MetaHorse. The staking ratio is 1 $METAH: 1EP and all staking will be locked for 180 days and the rate of return on staking will be 3% per annum. The staking will also help to increment the player's star rating level.
  • Tournament Mode , Players that have a 3-star rating can enter into the Tournament Mode by paying an entry fee which will be charged in $METAH, and in this mode, they will have the opportunity to win large sums of $METAH which will be supplied from the Breeding Pool.
  • Metaverse Tournament , This is the flagship horseracing event of MetaHorse where only the MetaHorse owners will be able to participate. All the MetaHorses produced from fusion will be contributed to the prize pool of Metaverse Tournament; For instance, if 100 white horses and 100 grey horses are fused to produce 100 MetaHorses then all of these MetaHorses will be contributed to the prize pool of the Metaverse Tournament.

The MetaHorse Teaser

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