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Matic Launchpad -Top Tier Multi Blockchain Launchpad

Matic Launchpad is for Crypto Projects on the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Polygon Network. Matic Launchpad has been making waves in the market since 21st January 2022.

[PRESS RELEASE – United Kingdom, 17th April 2022]

Matic Launchpad which was first seen in January 2022 aims to bring high potential projects to success in emerging sectors in the ever-evolving crypto industry. Matic Launchpad focuses on Crypto Projects on the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Polygon Network. Matic Launchpad has been making waves since its launch on 21st January 2022 and has continuously exceeded expectations. 

Most recently Matic Launchpad has listed its $Maticpad token on Pancake.Swap which has gone down as a huge success. Matic Launchpad has been growing rapidly since its launch and has gained a huge following on Twitter, Telegram and Medium.


Matic Launchpad aims to bring high potential to projects in MetaverseNFT, Play to Earn, Fantasy Games, Crypto Payment Processors, Exchange, Play and Earn Blockchain Games and many more emerging sectors in the ever evolving crypto industry.

Matic Launchpad seems to be an interesting project overall and looks really promising from continuously exceeding expectations and from their impressive track record of completed funding pools

Matic Launchpad has had success with the following IDOs; 

Gami, MetaverseLABS, NFT11, GameYoo, Wizardia, Gami, Gravis Finance, VersalNFT and Hoglympics.

Matic Launchpad also has quite an impressive partner list working with;

KaruStarter, Qube, Kommunitas, LunaPad, MetaverseLABS, Memepad, XionFinance, Webcoin Capital, Ixirpad, PolyLauncher, PayCoin and Cheerland.






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