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[PRESS RELEASE – United Kingdom, 17th April 2022]

Introduction is an exclusive NFT Super Hero game based on the BNB network. Many of you might be familiar with this project from our previous two articles about them; Listed on PancakeSwap CSB/BNB  - A new community based fun NFT game is rapidly growing and minting new NFTs , The latest addition to the NFT collection are these cool Hulk Hero, Thunder Hero and America Hero. It's really interesting following this project and seeing the growth which is achieving.

New Additions 

CoinMarketCap Listing

Following the successful launch of CSB on PancakeSwap, and their impressive whitelist launch. now needs your help to get them listed on CoinMarketCap. If you are unfamiliar with the process of getting a new token/coin listed on CoinMarketCap its fairly simple and we have made the following guide for you to follow.

1. First you should tweet directly at @CoinMarketCap to help raise awareness asking them directly to list CSB/BSB. To make this step easier we have created a prewritten tweet that you can copy and paste.

" Hey @CoinMarketCap , I've been following CSB/BNB and I'm really excited for this project. Please list this smart contract 0x97e503Cb3C7a5e6dE61BFFdBf765902A2A3BB3B3 @superherogamefi "

You can also retweet our tweet to help.

2. Next you will want to navigate to CoinMarketCap - New Request and fill out this quick form. You will want to select the option [New Listing] Add cryptoasset ; And that's it! Try and fill out the form the best you can. When it asks you for your relationship to the project make sure to make yourself known as a community member! And its that simple! 

Once you have completed the form take a screenshot and tweet it at @superherogamefi for a special recognition. Lets get this token listed! and show CoinMarketCap this awesome project! 

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