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Why The Oryen Token Should Be on Your Radar

The ORY tokens of the Oryen Network have a different story from AVAX and BNB, which have incurred significant losses. Prices have increased by 120% so far. Given that the ORY tokens are still in the presale stage, that is outstanding. So, when they finally launch, their price will probably soar to the moon.

Oryen Token


Investors are primarily buying ORY tokens to attempt and make up some of the losses they sustained in BNB and AVAX. It provides genuine value to investors, which is frequently an indicator that a cryptocurrency project is going to succeed.

For instance, when the initiative launches, holders of ORY tokens can anticipate a set APY of 90%. They merely need to have ORY tokens in their wallets for incentives to be automatically paid to them.

The quick payment of rebase awards is an additional noteworthy trait. The fastest payout speed available on the majority of staking procedures is once every eight hours. However, that has been increased by the Oryen Network developers to once every 60 minutes.


With the Oryen Auto staking Technic or OAT, a new financial system that simplifies staking and offers $ORY token holders the greatest steady returns in cryptocurrency, Oryen is poised to spearhead a revolution in DeFi. OAT gives the Oryen token automatic staking and compounding features, the highest Fixed APY in the market 90%, and a daily ROI (Return On Investment) of 0.177%.

         Simple and Secure - When you purchase $ORY, we automatically stake your coins for you. Your tokens do not need to be moved to our website. You are staked and eligible to get rebase rewards the moment you purchase. The DeFi auto-staking that is easiest.

         With a variable APY, it is impossible to predict how many tokens you will earn. Other DeFi protocols offer a high APY that varies daily by up to 90%. OAT exceeds the industry average by paying $ORY holders a fixed interest rate of 0.177% per day, or 90% annually compounded.

         Fast Rebase Incentives - Other well-known staking methods give rebasing benefits every 8 hours; thus, timing is important if you want to unstack to maximize rewards. The quickest auto-staking protocol in cryptocurrency is the Oryen Auto-staking Protocol, which pays every 60 minutes, or 24 times a day.

The OAT bases its price and rebases rewards on a complicated collection of variables. To ascertain the most likely habits of those who purchase the token, it also makes use of game theory and human nature. The outcome is a straightforward and sophisticated staking and reward system for $ORY holders.

Oryen Roadmap


         Pre-Sale Marketing

         Social Community Creation

         Coin Tracker Listings

         Cross-Chain Integration

         Launch On Pancakeswap


         Pre-Sale One

         Pre-Sale Two

         Pre-Sale Three


         Web3 Partnerships

         Real-world Partnerships

Current $ORY Pre-Sale Price:    $0.12

Oryen Launch Date: 30th December 2022

Presale Bonuses

         Presale Phase 4: 8%

         Presale Phase 5: 7%

         Presale Phase 6: 5%

To join the Pre-Sale, follow this link: https://oryennetwork.io/

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