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WWCrypto provides analysis of the crypto market. In addition to tracking updates in the industry. WWCrypto provides the community with real time information and major events.


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Latest updates to the faucet.
26 December 2022

  • Grouped payments into one outgoing transaction to prevent build up of queue; this has resolved the queue grinding the digibyte faucet to a halt.
  • One hour planned maintenance scheduled for 27th December 2022; from 8AM to 9AM GMT to allow a RAM upgrade on the server.

  • Recent updates to the faucet.
    28 November 2022

  • We have introduced some new additions to our faucet.
  • Estimted arrival time. This will provide you with an accurate timeframe of when your deposit will arrive.
  • Transaction Queue will prevent the server from overloading and transactions failing.
  • Reloaded Digibyte & Litecoin Node, Added additional bonuses.
  • We hope you enjoy this small update, We are commited to improve user experience.
  • Recent updates to the faucet.
    14 July 2022

  • We have added bonuses to our Digibyte faucet.
  • To claim bonuses you will need to create an account and sign in; you will then need to link your twitter account and withdrawal address.
  • Once you have linked the above; You will then be able to perform tasks for instant crypto deposits.
  • Lastly we hope you enjoy this update, There are a couple of bugs that are still left over from the previous update, And we are going through and hopefully resolving all of these within the next few weeks. Please let us know your thoughts @realwwcrypto.
  • New bonuses will be added daily.