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Can eth overtake btc?

Answers (1)

Niaz Amjad
Feb 02, 2022 22:48:56

There are plenty of people who think that Ethereum, a cryptocurrency launched in 2015, will overtake Bitcoin as the most popular digital currency on the internet. Even Ethereum's founder, programmer Vitalik Buterin, believes this to be true. But why will it happen? Ethereum has already successfully surpassed Bitcoin in popularity when it comes to ICOs (initial coin offerings). This makes sense, since Ethereum has a built-in programming language that allows for more complex transactions than Bitcoin does (Ethereum's programming language is called Solidity), which makes it easier for developers to apply new technologies to the Ethereum blockchain. The second factor that could help Ethereum overtake Bitcoin is its ability to host and execute smart contracts. Smart contracts are essentially programs that run on the blockchain technology itself—a decentralized ledger that records transactions between two parties and eliminates the need for a third party like PayPal or Amazon to verify those transactions. Smart contracts can be used for things like crowdfunding campaigns and financial agreements between individuals and organizations. The potential uses of this technology are virtually limitless.

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