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Metaverse are you kidding me?

Answers (1)

Sunny David
Jan 30, 2022 15:55:48

I care very little about turning out to be important for a "metaverse." That is the future Mark Zuckerberg's grieved Facebook is pointing toward as it renames itself Meta. What more is this Metaverse, you might inquire? The New York Times clarifies: "Zuckerberg illustrated the metaverse as a spotless, sufficiently bright virtual world, entered with virtual and expanded reality equipment right away and further developed body sensors later on, in which individuals can play virtual games, go to virtual shows, go out on the town to shop for virtual products, gather virtual craftsmanship, spend time with every others' virtual symbols and go to virtual work gatherings." That sounds totally strange. Furthermore horrible. Likewise with every single new thing, they appeal to some, perhaps to millions, perhaps to most. Be that as it may, I have needed to lay down the law, and I've really been doing it a little at an at once while now. I continue to let myself know that I should live in the present time and place, that web-based media, in numerous ways, harms our ability to do that.

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