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Why metaverse matters?

Answers (1)

Niaz Amjad
Feb 02, 2022 22:17:59

Once you're in the metaverse, you can just open up your browser and visit places like: Disney World (for when you want to feel like a small child again) The beach (for when you want to escape the winter) Or even Hogwarts (for when you want to go back to school!) And this is just the start! The metaverse is growing all the time. What'll be next? The metaverse is important because it enables people to engage with other people and businesses in ways that are completely new. The metaverse is like a portal or an entranceway into a whole new universe. It's what brings communities together, and gives us a place to belong. It's not just virtual reality—it's everything we've ever seen, heard, felt, smelled, or imagined. And it's right there waiting for us to explore.

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