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Video Published At: Apr 18, 2022 Updated: Apr 21, 2022

COIN Stock: BUY Coinbase stock? 10x from here or too hard? Cheap at 10x earnings?

Coinbase, or COIN stock, has what many investors look for in potential multi-baggers: hyper-growth, self-financing operations, and an undemanding valuation. Is COIN stock "cheap" at 10x earnings? ... Website: https://www.unrivaledinvesting.com 🐦 Twitter: @UnrivaledInvest All it takes is finding one MULTI-BAGGER to potentially change your life JOURNEY. For those interested in following my personal financial JOURNEY as I look for these potential MULTI-BAGGERS go to: https://www.unrivaledinv

Source YouTube | 6823 views | By UNRIVALED INVESTING
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