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Video Published At: Apr 15, 2021 Updated: Apr 21, 2022

How to get free cryptocurrency: Airdrops

If you want to get free crypto the best place to start is with airdrops. A crypto airdrop is when you are gifted a coin/token after signing up or meeting a very simple task. In this video, I explain how to get airdrops 00:00 How to get free crypto airdrops 00:26 What are crypto airdrops 00:55 Prerequsites and staying safe 03:11 Where to find crypto airdrops 07:03 Good crypto airdrop examples 08:56 Claiming an airdrop with Metamask 10:56 Claiming an airdrop with Binance Smart Chain 14:50 Cashing

Source YouTube | 182642 views | By Full Value Dan
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