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Video Published At: Jun 08, 2021 Updated: Apr 21, 2022

NFT Explained In 5 Minutes | What Is NFT? - Non Fungible Token | NFT Crypto Explained | Simplilearn

This video on "What is NFT" covers all the important concepts of NFTs like What are NFTs?, What are Non-Fungible Tokens, how do NFTs work, how are NFTs different from other cryptocurrencies working in the same Blockchain Technology, how NFT became so popular and what future NFTs hold for the world's economic system. Don't forget to take the quiz at 03:47! 00:00 What are NFTs? 01:39 How do NFTs work? 02:09 How are NFTs different from other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin? 03:05 How

Source YouTube | 1064379 views | By Simplilearn
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